M Lamar

M Lamar describes himself as a “Negrogothic, devil-worshipping, free black man in the blues tradition.” His work merges the genius of his operatic voice with the gospel and blues tradition to explore the radical potentialities of blackness and the mythology of death and resurrection. His practice and persona defy categorization. He straddles in his work a combination of subjects such as the lynching tree, Mapplethorpe’s problematic white gaze, the supernatural, Black Lives Matter, and American supremacy. Born in Mobile, Alabama, Lamar draws inspiration from Southern gothic traditions, the solemnity of blues and the political radicalism of punk. Lamar addresses America’s history of colonialism and slavery head-on and how it informs gender, class and race in life today. His work is a catharsis, which suggests if we overcome fear we will be ultimately free.