Pati Hertling and Thymaya Payne, co-founders of Material Vodka, met while living in Berlin in the early 2000s. Pati is an art lawyer, and Thymaya is a filmmaker. They saw a problem in the fundamental sustainability of non-profit art spaces and the support of non conforming artists. They thought “what if we could take a product everyone uses, especially in the art world, like vodka, and transform some of the profit from its sale into a force for change.” 

The idea was simple, and fate intervened when Thymaya’s college friend Abe Stevens informed him he had opened an organic vodka distillery in Humboldt County, California. The three spent a weekend in the Redwoods where they discussed everything from 90’s Electronica to Marx’s Das Kapital. They partnered to create a simple, but elegant formula for an organic vodka, combining the highest quality alcohol made of Non-GMO Italian wheat with water from the pure, redwood fed aquifers of Humboldt County where even the tap water is sought after for it’s exceptional taste. The formula is filtered over virgin coconut carbon, and no sugars are added, giving Material a clean, satisfying finish. 

They enlisted the help of designer Patrick Li of Li Inc to design a bottle in the same spirit of simplicity, elegance and transparency that Material was founded upon. The company has grown exponentially since the first bottle was sold in August 2015,has been involved from its outset in the support of extraordinary non profit art organizations and artists. The goal of Material Vodka is to create a stable and reliable resource to support artists directly through the sales of its vodka.